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Founded in 2013, and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Wheel Estate is the first and only insured peer-to-peer travel trailer sharing marketplace in Canada.

Wheel Estate allows qualified trailer owners to rent their units to verified guests looking to create new experiences and lasting memories. Owners can quickly start earning money by easily listing their travel trailers for free. Guests can search, discover and book trailers that perfectly suits their needs.

With over 1 million registered travel trailers in Canada, trailer owners now have a way to offset the costs of ownership, fund that winter getaway or simply help with the monthly bills.

Our mission is simple, to create meaningful experiences every trip.


Wheel Estate News and Announcements

May 2017

May. 19, 2017    CBC Evening News
May. 19, 2017    CBC Blog - Airbnb for RV's hits Alberta
May. 19, 2017    CBC Radio Calgary & Edmonton
May 10, 2017     Wheel Estate on CTV News
May. 1, 2017      660 News
May. 1, 2017      Travel with Baggage

April 2017

Apr. 24, 2017     Wheel Estate on 770 News
Apr. 19, 2017     Wheel Estate on Global Television
Apr. 10, 2017     WheelEstate on The Weather Network Segment 2
Apr. 7, 2017       WheelEstate on The Weather Network Segment 1

March 2017

Mar. 29, 2017     Peer-to-Peer Travel News

February 2017

Feb. 2, 2017     Bookmark These Popular Peer-to-Peer Camper Sharing Sites

January 2017

Jan. 30, 2017     Okotoks couple wheels out a service designed to help trailer owners make some extra coin
Jan. 29, 2017     Okotoks couple offer up a wheel deal with peer-to-peer camper rentals
Jan. 28, 2017     Tapping into Sharing Economy, Wheel Estate is like Airbnb for RV Adventures

December 2016

Dec. 4, 2016     After Rec Centre Camp Out Wheel Estate Is Half Way To Their Goal
Dec. 2, 2016     Wheel Estate Looks To Help The Homeless Stay Warm

November 2016

Nov. 24, 2016   Bookmark These Popular Peer-to-Peer Camper Sharing Sites

April 2016

Apr. 25, 2016    Wheel Estate pitches the Dragons 

June 2013

Jun. 24, 2013     Calgary clean up- A list of businesses, organizations offering to help
Jun. 27, 2013     Wheel Estate helps those displaced by the flood in and around Calgary
Jun. 27, 2013     Alberta company connecting trailers with flood victims


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