Hello, this is Life on Wheels! We created this website to assist people considering living in a van or gaining the guts to do so.

Life on Wheels’ mission is to empower you to comfortably develop a nomadic lifestyle tailored to your needs. As a result, we compile all of this information and generate a database of the most renowned and widely available alternatives for vanlifers.

Our team has tracked mountains in Africa, explored rainforests in Asia, and wandered through Australia’s harsh wilderness, and we would like to help and encourage you to tour the globe on wheels with your mobile home. 

Travel and lifestyle advice, vacation guides, and knowledge about van life, from leisure to food to van projects, can all be found on our website. The majority of them are the outcomes of our slow and self-guided journey.

We thrive to provide essential information and inspiration for everyone wishing to get outside and discover the world, no matter how they travel, via our travel and van culture platform. If most or all of that connects with you, you are sure to find plenty of value on our pages, and we encourage you to travel with us as we pursue our next voyage.


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The van life niche is continually expanding; younger adventurers choose to buy a van to travel the world rather than putting down a deposit on a little property in a rough part of town. Knowing this, Life on Wheels intends to grow into the largest van life movement on the planet.

Life on Wheels is committed to partnering with brands that meet the requirements of our readers. In our attempt to develop useful content and expand the brand, we have collaborated with a diverse range of firms from across the world to engage and delight the van lifer society.