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Over 1 million RV trailers in Canada only get used 14 days a year

We solved our problem - We want to help solve yours

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Wheel Estate is a Canada's most trusted peer to peer RV Sharing Marketplace.

Wheel Estate allows qualified trailer owners to rent their trailers to verified guests looking to create new experiences and lasting memories. Owners can quickly start earning money by easily listing their RV trailers for free. Guests can search, discover and book RV trailers that perfectly suits their needs.

With over 1 million registered RV trailers in Canada, owners now have a way to offset their costs, fund that winter getaway or simply help with the monthly bills. 

Our mission is simple...to help create meaningful experiences, every trip.

Why we exist

The Wheel Estate concept was inspired by our personal economic struggles during the recession of 2008. During this time, in search of an affordable alternative for a family vacation, the idea for Wheel Estate was born.

Maybe you are like us and desperately want to find a way to take your family away for a much needed vacation for just one week out of the entire year. You probably found there are few affordable camping rental alternatives. I know that struggle was real for us. 

Or perhaps you have an RV trailer that you never use, but you still want access to it on your schedule. Does this sound like you?

By solving our problem we hope to create meaning in your life with Wheel Estate. You now have access to find that perfect RV trailer for the getaway you deserve, or help you off-set the costs of ownership while putting some money in your pocket. 

When you rent an RV trailer from your neighbour, you help strengthen the local enonomy.

Meet the founders

Chad Ball

CEO & Co-founder

Chad originally carved out a career path in law enforcement, studying Criminology at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, but quickly discovered he had the entrepreneurial bug. Chad saw an opportunity in the construction industry and acted on it, which lead him to the ownership and operation of a concrete company for several years. After a successful run in the concrete business, he utilized his knowledge of the business by taking on the role of project manager for a Calgary custom home builder.

Chad is dedicated to developing the best online user experience, and scaling the technology so that everyone has the opportunity to use the unique online platform. He believes strongly that technology should be leveraged to not only connect people online, but offline as well, allowing real people to have real meaningful experiences.

With Wheel Estate he hopes to accomplish just that.

Fun Fact: Chad is very competitive and hates losing, to date his son has never beaten him at mini sticks.

Cherie Ball

COO & Co-founder

Born and raised in Calgary, her passion is family. Her father was her mentor, and from him she learned patience, business acumen, how to be a great judge of character and to always be true to herself. To top it off her husband is her business partner, so it’s only natural that family has a powerful influence on her vision, decisions, and aspirations for Wheel Estate.

Cherie discovered her entrepreneurial spirit at an early age, always thinking of new ideas and always challenging the status quo. With the rise of the Collaberative Economy, Cherie plans to share Wheel Estate with those too looking to challenge the traditional way of doing things. Cherie's vision for Wheel Estate is to continually strengthen and empower "our community" with values that embrace openness, humanness, and connectedness, where people can create their own opportunities, discover new connections, and create lasting memories.

For over 14 years she held various positions within the oil and gas industry and has worked on a number of teams throughout the Province of Alberta.

In 2001 she was given the best promotion of all, she became the President and CEO at Mom Industries.

Cherie is a great communicator, she listens to her gut, she is dedicated, fair, and determined. Cherie is the feeling behind the brand of Wheel Estate, and is deeply committed to crafting a meaningful exchange that creates value for both trailer owners as well as guests. She understands the needs of the user’s, and excels at creating the emotional connection associated with a wonderful vacation. She strives to ensure every user experience is one to remember.

Fun Fact: Although communication is one of Cheries' strong suits, cliche phrases are not.

A few examples are:

"If you give him a meter he will take five miles"
"Here we go..........hang on to your pants"
"I get it now, they have to get back to the future, because they are in the past......wait what?"


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Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm MST


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