RV wholesale shipments are likely to reach a new high. According to the RVIA’s Fall 2020 RV RoadSigns prediction provided by ITR Economics, commercial RV exports in 2021 will exceed 500,000 units.

According to the most recent prediction, total RV sales in 2021 will be 523,139, with the most anticipated year-end total of 533,356 vehicles. That figure represents a 23.9 percent increase over the 430,412 units sold in 2020. This would also mean a 5.7 percent increase over the previous similar historic highs of 504,600 shipments in 2017.

On the other hand, towable RV shipments are expected to reach 452,500 vehicles in 2021. In addition, motorhome shipments are expected to total 54,700 vehicles in 2021.

This new estimate validates what the industry has been seeing across the country as consumers flock to RVs as a means to travel and enjoy an adventurous outdoor lifestyle while still maintaining their habitat.

According to RVIA President Craig Kirby, the RV industry has seen great consumer growth in recent years. Still, the sudden uptick in consumer interest in RVing caused by the COVID-19 outbreak has significantly increased RV shipments to satisfy the extraordinarily strong demand.

Kip Ellis, COO of Patrick Industries Inc., stated that this summer had witnessed historic production figures for RV suppliers and manufacturers as they seek to fulfill the growing demand from customers migrating to the RV living.

Patrick Industries is based in Elkhart. Around 80% of RVs built in North America are manufactured in Elkhart and LaGrange areas in northeastern Indiana.

According to ITR Economics, the positive estimate is due to three primary factors: supply easing, OEM capacity expansion plans, and healthy consumer demand surpassing low stock levels.

If supply chain issues persist, shipments may finish at the lower side of the expected range. Given unusually low inventories and high consumer demand, the top end of the predicted range is achievable.

This scenario would likely involve minor supply chain concerns, increased industrial output, and a further aggressive push through the regular cyclical downturn late in the year.

ITR Economics also notes that their leading economic index network is rising, creating favorable conditions for RV deliveries to exceed record levels. Short-term challenges include supply chain difficulties and workforce shortages, which might impede shipment improvements.

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