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What's protected ?

Trailers entrusted to Wheel Estate, and booked through the site, are protected for damages and total loss.

Also included is the following:
  • theft
  • vandalism, or
  • damage due to a guest's gross negligence
  • personal liability
Wheel Estate terms are subject to certain conditions, limitations, and exclusions, which can be found in the support section of our site.

Trailer owners and their entrusted trailers filing a claim against Wheel Estate must cooperate with Wheel Estate, including providing documentation of the loss they are claiming and agreeing to trailer inspections if necessary.

For further questions, please contact our customer service by clicking the blue button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Wheel Estate is not responsible for 

Wheel Estate's Policy should not be considered as replacement or stand-in for home owners or renters insurance. 

Wheel Estate is not responsible for:
  • cash and securities
  • jewelry
  • collectables
  • pets
  • guests belongings or contents
Trailer owners may want to secure or remove such valuables when renting their trailer, and may want to consider insurance indepedent of Wheel Estate to cover such items.

Wheel Estate's Insurance Policy does not cover loss of use, simple negligence, or wear and tear. 

Wheel Estate's Insurance Policy does not cover guest's contents or belongings.


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Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm MST


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