From the gritty tundra and open woodlands to the sky-high mountains and the thundering Pacific Ocean, Canada’s National Parks reveal exceptional examples of stunning scenery. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about exploring Canadian National Parks.

Canada’s National Parks

National Parks are preserved areas for public entertainment and acknowledgment, controlled by Parks Canada. These sites often include vistas, camping, walking paths, lake connections, visitor centers, and other amenities.

Some of these parks have been designated as National Park Reserves. The goal is to create a network of national parks that will showcase each of Canada’s natural areas; the project is currently around 60% complete.

In addition to National Park Reserves, there are National Historic Sites. These are historically significant locations in Canada. These honor locations and events have impacted Canada’s heritage.

Provincial and Territorial Parks

These parks are different from National Parks. All these are protected areas, except those managed by the authorities of various provinces and territories.

Provincial and territorial parks outnumber national parks by a wide margin. For instance, British Columbia has more than 600 Provincial Parks. Access to Provincial Parks is free in certain provinces, although others have a daily cost.

2022 Increasing Fees

There is a daily admission charge to most of Canada’s Parks, Reserves, and Nature Preserves. Visitors must pay the admission fee for each day they enjoy within the park’s perimeters.

According to the official website, visitors will notice a 2.2 percent increase in several Parks Canada fees this year. This will lead to fewer than 40 cents a day for grownup daily entrance and less than 80 cents per person for full-service camping, for illustration.

According to the website, these new tariffs will be introduced in four sites, while rates in 20 others will be raised. The most noteworthy change is the introduction of a $7.97 fee where none previously existed in Bruce Peninsula Park.

The cost of housing in the parks will have risen by approximately 21% by the time adjustments are done. These little changes will assist Parks Canada in rehabbing a greater portion of the expenditures connected with visitor amenities.

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