Numerous items are out for grabs from officials in Canadian provinces. As it turns out, you can obtain a wide range of materials from the Canadian government.

These could be something entertaining like a stencil or something patriotic like a flag button to put on your lapel. Other items, such as national posters, are excellent for educational purposes.

You’d think the government wouldn’t just give out this stuff to anyone. In fact, all you need to do is make the proper request to obtain them.

You may have to wait in a very long queue to get one of these gifts in certain situations. Still, getting your hands on these one-of-a-kind items for free is worth it.

Coat Of Arms Poster

The coat of arms has everything from the Lion to the Union Jack to the Unicorn. You can order it as a print from the Canadian Heritage Online System by selecting “Coat of Arms of Canada.”

Maple Leaf Temporary Tattoo

Yes, it’s only temporary, so go ahead and rub that red maple lead all over your face. You can order a significant pile of these by going to the Canadian Heritage Online System and selecting “Canada Day.”

Peace Tower Flag

The great news is that you may get the flag that has waved on the Peace Tower (and many others on Parliament Hill) for nothing! The bad news is that you’ll have to wait about 100 years to obtain it.

Photo of the Queen

What kind of person doesn’t have a portrait of the Queen of England in their home? You can get a free authorized one by visiting the Canadian Heritage Online System.

Flag Sticker

These are available from the government through the Canadian Heritage Online System. Stick it to your vehicle, laptop, mirror, or other adhesive-friendly objects!

Guided Tour of Parliament

If you’re looking for something to do in Ottawa but want to save your money for a decent evening, check out the Parliament walks, which are pretty much free.

A Complimentary Letter from the Prime Minister

If you know anybody having a birthday or anniversary next month, you can get them a remarkable letter from the Prime Minister. It’s completely free and also really cool! It’s a rare gift that they cannot buy anywhere they go.

A Handheld Canada Flag

And if you want to wave a flag, the Canadian government has you equipped. Simply create a profile with the Department of Canadian Heritage and order a few little wave-able print flags.

These would be ideal for any Canada-themed event, but you could also go off and walk around town waving the flags. Just have fun and enjoy as if nobody’s watching.

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